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 August 12, 2002
New Palm Desktop Software 4.1 Now Available

 With more than 500,000 downloads per month, Palm Desktop software remains the most popular free download available on the Palm website ( Palm, Inc. has announced a new, updated U.S. English version - Palm Desktop software 4.1 for Windows (Japanese, international English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese versions will also be available for download in early fall). Palm Desktop 4.1 will appeal to existing Palm handheld users who are looking for an upgrade, as well as first-time buyers who are considering buying a handheld. Palm Desktop software is the perfect desktop companion for managing personal and business information at the office or on the go.

"Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to own a Palm handheld to use Palm Desktop software," said Ken Freeman, product manager for Palm Desktop software. "We encourage people to 'try before they buy' - it's an easy way for people to experience the power of Palm's Personal Information Management [PIM] software on their desktop computer. Once people use the software, they often purchase a Palm Powered(TM) handheld so they can go mobile with all of their most important information."

New Features

Palm's Desktop software 4.1 offers an updated Windows XP look and feel with several new and enhanced features:

- New Expense application allows users to effectively manage all of their vital expense information, such as expense category, date, vendor paid, amount, payment method, city, country, attendees and personal notes. Then, users can export this information directly into Microsoft Excel, or print a detailed expense report. There is also a new currency-exchange feature that converts foreign currencies based on customizable rates.
- Creative Note Pad application lets users easily read notes and drawings on the PC that were created and synchronized from the handheld Note Pad application.
- Flexible Launcher bar gives users the ability to view large or small icons and reposition the order of application icons.
- Personalized settings allow users to set custom alarms and choose from 15 color themes.
- Helpful Delete Duplicates Add-in assists users in searching, reviewing and deleting duplicate records with a few simple clicks to better manage their most important information.
- With the new Auto-Save feature, users can set how often information is saved automatically to the PC.

Free Download

The Palm Desktop 4.1 for Windows is free and may be downloaded immediately at Upgrading is easy with an installer that automatically replaces previously installed versions, while keeping user data safe. It is fully compatible with any Palm i700, m500, m100, VII, V, III and Palm Pilot series handhelds.