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 January 13, 2003
PalmSource Licenses CIC's Jot - Handwriting Recognition Technology

 Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), the leader in electronic signature, biometric verification and natural input solutions and PalmSource Inc. have announced a licensing agreement for CIC's Jot handwriting recognition software. Under this agreement, "Graffiti 2 powered by Jot," will be embedded by PalmSource in current versions of its Palm OS platform provided to licensees of its operating system. The new Graffiti 2 handwriting software supports an intuitive, more natural form of input, minimizing learning time for new users and easing the transition for experienced users. "Jot has established the kind of broad based consumer acceptance in the Palm community that made it a natural choice for us," said David Nagel, president and chief executive officer of PalmSource. "Graffiti 2 is a superior handwriting recognition system that will enhance the ease of use that Palm OS is known for. We expect this technology to appeal to a wide range of users who will be able to easily take notes and write memos on their Palm Powered devices."

Jot is a character-based recognizer that was developed by CIC after years of research in the field of pattern recognition. The product is ideally suited for portable computing because it offers a fast and highly accurate means of entering text on small devices. Jot recognizes both English and Roman-based European characters in a very natural way supporting broader market appeal for these products.

"We are extremely pleased that PalmSource, the leading supplier of operating systems for handheld devices and smart phones, chose Jot to enhance its competitive edge," stated Guido DiGregorio, CIC's chairman and chief executive officer. "Based upon the experience we gained over the past several years by providing Jot directly to the Palm OS developer and end user community we believe that Graffiti 2 powered by Jot will provide Palm OS users the most natural and intuitive experience possible. Now that we have established a more strategic relationship with PalmSource, we are optimistic about the additional potential associated with our wide range of natural input and electronic signature products that are currently available for Palm users."

In addition to Jot, CIC's broad range of product offerings that support Palm Powered devices include: WordComplete - text entry utility, QuickNotes - electronic note-taking solution, InkSnap - dynamic ink scaling for handwritten notes on small form factor devices, Sign-On - the first security utility for Palm Powered devices that utilizes biometric signature verification to help protect the user's data from tampering and theft, and InkTools for Palm OS, a software development kit (SDK) that enables the implementation of biometric signatures for electronic workflow, security and e-Sign compliant applications.