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 March 12, 2003
IBM ThinkPad: Three New Models

 IBM's completely redesigned flagship notebook computer, the ThinkPad T40, debuted this month with industry-leading performance and new standards for battery life, portability, ergonomics and the most secure wireless access available on select models. IBM also announced two additional ThinkPad notebooks, the ultraportable ThinkPad X31 and new models of the ThinkPad R40.

"Customers already love the lighter weight, thinner size and extraordinary battery life of the newest IBM ThinkPads," said Steve Ward, senior vice president and general manager of the IBM Personal Systems Group. "Before our announcement today, we delivered these new ThinkPads to 620 customers. And what gets customers really excited about IBM's new ThinkPad notebooks is ease of use. It's a notebook that finds and connects to available networks by itself, can recover data lost to viruses, and requires 50 percent less IT support than other notebooks. In fact, these 620 customers could save more than $2 billion collectively deploying ThinkVantage Technologies throughout their enterprises."

All three new ThinkPad notebooks offer select models with numerous IBM ThinkVantage Technologies that improve security, provide choice and ease-of-use in wireless capabilities, and simplify PC "fleet management" for IT organizations. The technologies meet new requirements for flexibility, mobility, and dynamic reconfiguration of global organizations moving toward an on-demand business model. They are tools designed to help people and companies adjust to rapidly changing business circumstances.

Select models of the ThinkPad T40, X31 and R40 feature the new Intel Pentium-M processor together with enhanced IBM ThinkVantage Design to set new standards in mobility and battery life. In addition, select models of these new ThinkPad notebooks include Intel's Centrino mobile technology, providing wireless connectivity while helping to deliver high performance and extended battery life.

Providing the Ultimate Choice

A full 30 percent thinner than its T30 predecessor, the ThinkPad T40 has a travel weight of only 4.5 pounds (1) - almost one-half pound lighter - and measures about 1-inch thin (2). In addition to the models featuring Intel Centrino mobile technology - which provide integrated WiFi wireless capability based on IEEE 802.11b - several models offer a choice of integrated WiFi dual-band a/b wireless, Cisco Aironet Wireless 802.11b, or wireless-upgradable capability (3). When used with the IBM Embedded Security Subsystem available on select models, along with industry-standard wireless encryption, the T40 provides the most secure wireless computing environment in the industry. And another new model, the ThinkPad T40p notebook, offers high-performance graphics in a thin-and-light design -- an ideal alternative to a workstation that is optimized and certified to run some of the most demanding graphics applications.

IBM also announced its newest ultraportable for the global mobile user, the ThinkPad X31. At approximately 1-inch thin and 3.6 pounds, it boasts the longest system battery life in the industry, at up to six hours (4) on select models. The ThinkPad X31's unique battery options also work with the system battery to deliver all-day computing for people who take their notebooks with them anywhere and everywhere, offering up to 11 hours of optional battery life. The X31 can work with the new optional X3 UltraBase with a new ergonomic design and an array of drive and battery expansion options for global travelers. Together the ThinkPad X31 and X3 Ultrabase can be packed at only 5 pounds. The ThinkPad R40, IBM's competitively priced line of ThinkPad notebooks, now offers up to 10.3 hours of battery life by combining the system battery and battery options. It also is available in select models including Intel's Centrino technology, 802.11 a/b wireless, or Cisco Aironet Wireless 802.11b. And the new ThinkPad R40e notebook, ideal for small businesses and educational organizations, weighs 5.9 pounds, offers a fixed optical drive, and starts at $949. The R40 is available in 13, 14 or 15-inch displays, with Pentium-M or Celeron processors.

IBM's 9.5 mm Ultrabay Slim Optical Drive is 31 Percent Smaller

The redesigned ThinkPad T40 is an ideal machine for mobile users who need a lightweight notebook with extensive functionality. The IBM Think Strategy of innovation for business advantage has led to the creation of the Ultrabay Slim, making IBM the first adopter of the 9.5 mm optical drive - 31 percent smaller than standard optical notebook drives. Combined with a unique thermal design to reduce system operating temperature, this innovation helped IBM to slim down the ThinkPad T40 without losing functionality. The ThinkPad T40 notebook also comes standard with DVD or CD-RW/DVD Combo drives and IBM's patented UltraNav pointing device, a multi-pointing system that combines the latest full-function TrackPoint device with an IBM-customized touch pad.

The ThinkPad T40 offers several battery choices to achieve all-day computing, including up to 9.5 hours of optional battery life when the ThinkPad T40 High Capacity Battery (standard on select models) is combined with the ThinkPad Ultrabay Slim Li Polymer Battery. The ThinkPad T40 also features the new IBM integrated HDD shock absorber. This unique feature helps protect the hard disk drive (HDD) from the most common types of shock events - providing up to 30 percent more protection than the system case alone (5).

Industry-Leading Wireless Security

All three models, the ThinkPad T40, X31 and R40, feature select models that are equipped with IBM's Embedded Security Subsystem (ESS), an IBM ThinkVantage Technology that combines hardware and downloadable software to authenticate users and help protect data and private information in both wired and wireless communications environments. This makes these IBM ThinkPad notebooks with ESS and wireless the most secure wireless notebooks in the industry. The security subsystem is now available with support for VeriSign Inc.'s Personal Trust Agent, which transparently handles digital certificate functions, such as key management and storage, while improving the user experience. IBM security hardware improves PTA protection. This new combination of capabilities from IBM, VeriSign and Intel are unique to ThinkPad notebooks - enabling users to remotely and securely access their corporate network and applications in fewer steps, without a separate hardware token such as a keyfob.

Extreme Wireless Portability Around the Globe

IBM continues to define leadership in mobile computing by extending integrated dual-band wireless connectivity based on IEEE 802.11a/b (6) into select models of the ThinkPad T40, X31 and R40. Dual-band a/b allows users to take advantage of the improved data transfer speeds in the 5 Ghz spectrum, while offering compatibility at .11b rates with existing 802.11b networks including public hot-spot venues such as the local coffee shop or airport (7). ThinkPad notebooks feature the IBM UltraConnect Antenna built into the display cover for optimal signal reception (8), supporting multiple frequencies to optimize coverage and performance for improved wireless LAN connectivity worldwide. Users can also choose wireless-upgradable models and add a new IBM High Rate mini-PCI Adapter III, Cisco Aironet or Intel Pro/Wireless LAN 2100 3B mini-PCI Adapter later. And IBM Access Connections Version 2.6 location manager software utility will be preloaded on all ThinkPad T40, X31 and R40 notebooks, allowing the user to manage the broad array of connections available and automatically determine the fastest LAN connection available, wired or wireless.

Easier PC Management

All ThinkPad T40, X31 and R40 notebooks are equipped to take advantage of ImageUltra, IBM's innovative, patented image management technology and services designed to lower costs by reducing the number of software images managed by IT departments. Images on the T40 and X31 are compatible, enabling a single image to be deployed across multiple platforms. The IBM ThinkPad T40, X31 and R40 also offer the new Access IBM button, a "portal to IBM support" that taps into a rich set of onboard resources, diagnostic tools, automated solutions, and links to updates and service on-line (9). Another ThinkVantage technology, RapidRestore PC, provides one-button disaster recovery that can restore previously saved data, settings and applications after a software failure.

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