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 January 08, 2007
Targus Voice Recording Presenter With Laser Pointer

 Targus Inc. has announced today a new patent-pending 4-in-1 Voice Recording Wireless Presenter. The new Voice Recording Presenter incorporates four individual products into one small, convenient form factor.

Functioning as a wireless PowerPoint(TM) presenter, voice recorder, laser pointer, and SD memory card reader, the new compact product includes all the necessary features needed to make a successful presentation. "The new Targus Voice Recording Presenter is
perfect for the corporate executive or for those presenting in the classroom," said Michael Greco, director, product marketing, Targus. "We constantly hear from our customers that they carry loads of equipment to make presentations. This new device can reduce the amount of equipment needed to bring to those meetings," added Greco.

The unique voice recording feature allows a user to easily record presentations, notes, meetings, and reminders in .wav format. Using an SD card, a presenter can record up to four minutes per megabyte of information. The built-in SD card reader also allows users to store presentations and files on an SD card and transfer the information to a host computer using the included USB cable.

Product Features

4-in-1 Product - Functions as a wireless PowerPoint presenter, laser pointer, integrated voice recorder, and SD memory card reader.

Voice Recorder - Allows the user to record presentations, meetings or notes and saves to an SD card in .wav format; 1 MB is equal to four minutes of voice recording (SD card not included).

Convenience - Presentations, photos, and music files can be stored and transferred from an SD to and from a notebook using included USB cable.

Wireless Capability - 2.4 GHz wireless technology provides up to a 50-foot working range for full control of the presentation from anywhere in a room.

Functionality - Vertical scroll wheel provides easy navigation through presentation and documents. Other buttons include: next/previous page, dark screen/resume, application switch, slideshow/ESC and volume control.