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 July 05, 2001
GIANTS To Use RADIUS Hotel Programs Exclusively

 RADIUS(r) - the global travel company and GIANTS (Greater Independent Association of National Travel Services) announced they have further strengthened their strategic partnership with an agreement to offer the RADIUS suite of hotel programs to GIANTS. RADIUS hotel programs, which feature discounted rates and special offers at over 14,000 hotels around the world, include the preferred rate program, the net rate program, the value program, and the hotel bonus program.

Given this announcement, these RADIUS hotel programs are now utilized exclusively by 6,000+ RADIUS agencies in 70+ countries, by approximately 1,000 UNIGLOBE Travel International agencies as part of its strategic alliance with RADIUS, and by 1,800+ GIANTS agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

Ivan Michael Schaeffer, president and chief executive officer of RADIUS, commented, "Today's announcement represents a significant expansion of our already successful hotel programs and is a clear illustration of the benefit of combining the buying power of the largest corporate travel management company in the world with one of the most effective leisure travel agency groups in the industry."

John Kennedy, vice president of GIANTS Canada, added, "We are thrilled about this development in GIANTS' relationship with RADIUS. Our decision to use the RADIUS hotel programs exclusively was based on the excellent reputation of the programs as well as GIANTS' desire to strengthen its strategic partnership with RADIUS. We look forward to implementing these new programs into our operations."