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 September 12, 2001
Radius Expresses Sadness And Calls For Unity In The Travel Industry

 RADIUS - the global travel company joins the worldwide outcry of condemnation and sorrow over yesterday's terrible and brutal attack on not only America, but on the very foundation of the world in which we live and the industry in which RADIUS and its shareholder agencies work.

John Melchior, interim managing director of RADIUS said, "our first thought is with the victims of this atrocity and their families. The people killed and injured were our colleagues in the travel industry our customers aboard the aircraft and many other innocent people dealing with their day-to-day tasks and not in any way involved with the crazed mission of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes."

"The consequences for the industry as a whole, are enormous. Further economic slowdown, initial nervousness amongst the traveling public and a much needed review and tightening of security measures at all airports will make the coming months very difficult. This is a time for the industry to stand together and put our differences aside. The business travel community is very resilient, but it is crucial that all elements involved cooperate to restore confidence and security for everyone concerned. That is the least we can do for the victims and their families," concluded Melchior.