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Travel Agents

 September 17, 2001
ASTA Offers Assistance To DOT Task Forces On Airport & Airline Security

 The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) has sent a letter to the members of two newly created task forces on airline and airport safety issues, offering the assistance of travel agents in the development of new security measures the government might be considering in light of the nation's recent tragic events.

In a letter dated Sept. 17, ASTA President and CEO Richard M. Copland, CTC, wrote: "It is a fact of travel life that travel agencies remain the primary means by which most consumers buy their air travel. Human travel agents interact with tens of millions of Americans. Agents are a vital link in consumers' understanding and acceptance of the rules and practices of travel.

"If we can be of assistance to you in your time critical efforts, ASTA is ready to help. I am not suggesting that we be involved in your deliberations about security information that must remain confidential. But much of your work will deal with the effect on consumers of air travel. Travel agencies can play and want to play a very constructive and important role in disseminating understandable information to the public and in achieving faster public acceptance and compliance with security requirements."