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 October 09, 2001
e-famtrips By Tourania Available Via Galileo e-Agent Internet Portal

 Galileo International and Tourania, Inc., a distribution and management application for familiarization trip opportunities, have announced the addition of e-famtrips by Tourania on Galileo e-Agent Internet portal for travel agents. Agents can view and book available familiarization trips in real-time or request custom famtrips based on their business needs.

Through Galileo e-Agent, travel agents have direct access to e-famtrips offered by various hotels, cruise lines, travel service providers, tour operators and tourism bureaus. Through Tourania, agents can search for famtrip opportunities worldwide and then reserve, order and pay for them online. Agents may also rate famtrips and consult ratings from other travel professionals regarding the travel supplier, its product and destination.

Galileo e-Agent is the exclusive Internet portal for travel agents that integrates Internet travel-related information and content for convenient and efficient bookings via the Viewpoint platform. Bookings made through Galileo e-Agent are viewable as part of the primary traveler's Viewpoint itinerary along with air, car rental, hotel and other bookings, providing travel agents with a single source of information from which to service their customers.

"In today's competitive travel arena, travel agencies are extremely careful when recommending a destination or tour package to a customer," said Galileo's Joan Dienst, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Car, Hotel, Leisure & Advertising. "Tourania's e-famtrips are a great way for travel agents to experience a variety of destinations and travel providers so they can make educated and informed suggestions to better serve the increasingly sophisticated demands of the traveler."

"This is a significant addition to Galileo e-Agent. Through Tourania and Galileo e-Agent, travel suppliers now have an additional, unique venue for marketing their destinations and activities to travel agents," Dienst added.

"We are very excited to have Galileo as the first GDS to complement its services with an application that nurtures and promotes the relationship between travel agencies and travel suppliers," said Ronald Kritzler, CEO and Founder, Tourania. "In addition, agents can now easily book destination products that were previously unavailable to them or required extensive effort to locate, while earning commissions."