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 October 11, 2001
Top 10 Travel Agency TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions Signs with Pegasus

 Pegasus Solutions, Inc. has achieved the business milestone of handling hotel commission management for all of the top 10 largest U.S.-based travel agencies. The success landmark was reached with Pegasus' newly inked agreement with St. Louis-based TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions, ranked the 8th largest travel management company in the United States and one of the three owners of TQ3 Travel Solutions. Pegasus Solutions is a leading provider of hotel industry transaction processing solutions and electronic commerce services.

With 2000 annual sales exceeding $1.6 billion, TQ3 Maritz has completely outsourced its hotel commission collection, processing and management to Pegasus Commission Processing, the hotel industry's leading travel agent commission processing service. In addition to 100 percent of TQ3 Maritz' 268 locations participating in the Pegasus Commission Processing service, TQ3 Maritz has also adopted Pegasus' newly improved Electronic Reconciliation & Tracking service. Through these combined services, TQ3 Maritz gains an economic and totally automated solution for the management of its commissions from hotels worldwide.

"With the most recent round of airline commission cuts, coupled with the industry downturn following last month's tragic events, the commissions we receive from hotel bookings have become even more critical. It's time to take TQ3 Maritz's centralized hotel commission program to the next level of sophistication. Our new relationship with Pegasus enables us to meet this goal in an economic and timely manner," said Tami Thraum, vice president, Corporate Finance, for TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions. "One of the key features of Pegasus' commission management service we find most attractive is the comprehensive data reporting. This feature enables TQ3 Maritz to greatly enhance the value of the travel management services we provide to our corporate clients."

As a result of this customer win, Pegasus now has all of the U.S.'s top 10 agencies using its Commission Processing Service. "It's an honor and a delight to now be able to claim the 10 largest travel agencies in the U.S. as customers of Pegasus Commission Processing," said Jeff Bzdawka, senior vice president of Pegasus Financial Services. "We are pleased to deliver a hotel commission management solution to TQ3 Maritz that offers optimal control, better analytical tools and the flexibility to customize the process in ways that make the most sense to Maritz. In addition, TQ3 Maritz is able to leverage Pegasus' position as the expert in the field, as well as our extensive relationships with most hotel brands worldwide. This distinction helps to ensure that commissions are collected, allocated, tracked and reported correctly."

How The Commission Management Process Works

* Each month on behalf of TQ3 Maritz's locations, Pegasus collects from participating hotels worldwide actual guest stay information related to hotel bookings made by TQ3 Maritz's travel professionals located in the United States, Mexico and London.

* After consolidating all hotels' information and commission payments, Pegasus deposits a consolidated commission payment from participating hotels directly into TQ3 Maritz's bank accounts.

* For hotels that are not current participants with Pegasus Commission Processing, Pegasus provides TQ3 Maritz with transaction processing and data entry services that reduce Maritz' internal costs, helping capture of all of the travel management company's hotel commission data.

* Pegasus' Electronic Reconciliation & Tracking service then reconciles TQ3 Maritz's hotel reservations by merging commission data with reservations to form a complete picture of TQ3 Maritz's monthly hotel revenues and actual stay information by corporate account, branch, hotel chain and even individual travel consultant.

* The results of the reconciliation and the ongoing dunning effort are then reported to TQ3 Maritz via a proprietary Web-based system that gives TQ3 Maritz the information it needs to report commission information to corporate accounts and manage its relationships with hotels.

* The fully automated process results in an end-to-end commission management solution, enabling TQ3 Maritz to now monitor and analyze its hotel revenue and hotel market share relationship goals in real time.

Other top 10 travel agencies that use Pegasus Commission Processing's expanded Electronic Reconciliation & Tracking service include Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Rosenbluth International, Navigant International, Expedia Inc., and SatoTravel.