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 September 25, 2008
Colpitts World Travel Launches "Go Green" Program

 Looking to take a more proactive approach in furthering the green travel movement, Colpitts World Travel announced today that it has launched its "Go Green" program.

"What we're doing at Colpitts makes sense for any and every size company. After joining ASTA's Green Member program, we had the tools, education and resources needed to incorporate the 'reduce, reuse and recycle' mantra into our everyday operations," said Alan M. Krensky, president and CEO of Colpitts World Travel. "Everything we could change, we have and we will continue to explore creative ways to protect the world we sell to our clients and increase our clients' general knowledge of responsible tourism."

One of Colpitts' main goals is to provide tools for travelers who want to take an environmentally conscious trip. To present clients with a wide variety of green options, travel consultants keep up-to-date information on green hotels and rental car companies; a carbon calculator allowing interested travelers to determine how many carbon offsets would need to be purchased to neutralize their footprint is also available to clients. Colpitts offers its entire agency brochure online, works closely with companies that have online booking tools and the majority of the company's corporate clients joined Colpitts in eliminating paper invoices and now communicate with the agency electronically.

Internally, the agency reconfigured its office design to a more ergonomic layout, thereby reducing its dependency on air conditioning and heaters. Colpitts then installed more than 100 energy-efficient windows in its main building to maximize the air conditioning and heat that is used. Another office change was the creation of a "green room" where all recyclable materials are picked up at the end of each month by a recycling company. Every employee has been given a recycling bin and there are also designated bins in the break room for plastics, paper and glass. The office lights are now energy-efficient, as are the copying machines, which have replaced older, less-efficient laser models. Each quarter, Colpitts recycles computer monitors and similar equipment and ink cartridges to companies who are able to reuse them. To help keep the office green after hours, the agency has enlisted the help of a cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly products.

"It's impossible to not recycle at Colpitts now," Krensky added. "After only two months, we have recycled 2,500 pounds of paper products. Because implementation of these practices was easy, many of our employees have started making similar changes at home. We expect our efforts to reach far beyond the office and ultimately that's what this initiative is about."

Colpitts World Travel, founded in 1890, is a full-service travel management company specializing in corporate travel and meetings. By providing superior customer service, Colpitts strives "to be indispensable to our customers."