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 August 19, 2009
POTHOS Receives Dual Honors for Performance & Diversity

 POTHOS, Inc. was recently recognized by the Small Business Administration, San Diego District, as the Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year for 2009 and by for placing in the top 500 Organizations for Diversity in 2008.

According to President and CEO Michael Patton, CMM, these two awards, received within the past three months, have provided an opportunity for this boutique travel, logistics, and meeting and event planning agency to call attention to the unique value of veteran-owned small businesses.

"It was a moment of utmost pride as it honors all the years of hard work and investment. We would like to promote the idea to corporate America that veteran-owned businesses can be the best in their field, providing quality service and reasonable rates," Patton states.

The mission of this strategic meeting management and executive travel agency includes:

• Serving government agencies (state and federal) and prime contractors seeking to fulfill the legislative requirement of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

• Providing a better value proposition than mega agencies, delivering services more effectively and efficiently

• Furthering the business objectives of mainline corporations while supporting their goals on behalf of the stakeholder/shareholder

• Supporting current business environments that seek cost savings without sacrificing quality while supporting domestic veteran-owned businesses

Value and marked savings realized by using POTHOS for corporate travel and meeting and event planning has been demonstrated through the company's services to the California Disabled Veteran Business Alliance.

This was noted during the SBA presentation by Executive Director of the organization, Rich Dryden: "POTHOS' positive growth over the years is a credit to DVBE businesses. Also, specifically, POTHOS, Inc. has created savings opportunities to exceed 25% of budget for the Alliance in the annual events that it manages, benefitting the organization in the same way that it is able to provide savings to any corporation. That hard work and dedication to client goals is a win/win situation!"

More information about the agency's SDVOSB-qualified services is available at the POTHOS website.