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 September 10, 2009
Trams Introduces New Dashboard Technology For Travel Agencies

 Trams, Inc., a leading provider of back-office and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for travel agencies, today introduced a new dashboard feature for its ClientBase CRM product. This ClientBase enhancement will provide an easy-to-read visual display of key information necessary to properly gauge and manage the operations of a travel agency.

Trams personnel will demonstrate the new dashboard for agents at next week's American Society of Travel Agents TradeShow event at booth number 827 in Las Vegas. Trams is a business unit of Sabre Travel Network.

Trams previewed the new dashboard for clients at last month's Trams 2009 Summer Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over 160 travel agents, including over 50 agency owners and managers, were introduced to high-level concepts for working on their business, not just in their business. These agents recognize the necessity for interpreting and managing their data; the new dashboard offers a new window into viewing and measuring results in real-time.

The dashboard will be included in the user interface of the next ClientBase version, due to be released the first quarter of 2010. Historically, agencies would put data into their database, and at the end of the month run the necessary reports to see how they performed. The new ClientBase dashboard is designed to display key measurements, in real-time, and in a way that can influence daily behavior. Owners and managers, as well as frontline sales agents, can now access their data on the fly, while continuing to drive results within their agency.

"The data available in your database can be a powerful tool for steering the direction of your business," said Sharon Meyer, Chief Operating Officer of Trams, Inc. "But raw data needs to be transformed into meaningful insight, which is why dashboard technology is gaining popularity and why we are integrating it into our ClientBase solution."

The ClientBase dashboard will provide an integrated portal to Trams Crystal Reports. In addition, ClientBase will include a library of sales, marketing and management dashboard reports, enabling agencies to have complete flexibility in creating goals and delivering verifiable results.