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 October 15, 2012
Plaza Travel Opens New York City Location

 Plaza Travel opens its first New York City location at 37 West 20th Street with six new travel consultants. Expanding from the Los Angeles area, the New York City office marks the fourth Plaza Travel branch, adding to its Encino headquarters and Santa Monica and Universal City locations.

Amber Lock and Nora Ingalls will lead the new office in New York. For the past five years, Lock and Ingalls have been working together in New York as independent travel consultants, specializing in the music industry. The brand new location will serve new and existing clients, as the New York market of both agents and clients continue to grow.

"We were drawn to Plaza Travel because of its pull within the travel industry and incredible resources and support at our disposal," describes Amber Lock. "Plaza Travel's technologies, online access, and reporting help us provide great information for our clients. Making their travel life so much easier. Our clients are constantly moving and changing and it is imperative to stay one step ahead of them."

"With our expertise and experience in music travel and Plaza Travel's expertise in movie and TV production travel, we are a great fit to join forces. We are compatible, not competitive." Nora Ingalls explains. "As we grow the New York office, we're excited to expand our reach outside of music into leisure, non-music entertainment and corporate travel."

"Everybody in the company is very excited to have bi-coastal reach and to gain exposure on both sides of the country," says Steve Orens, President of Plaza Travel. "With a large portion of Plaza Travel's clients based in Los Angeles or New York, it became a natural progression to expand beyond a physical presence in Los Angeles and open an office in New York. Plaza Travel is a growing company, and we are happy to expand our successful footprint of corporate, entertainment and leisure markets."

Plaza Travel is an independently owned and operated full service travel agency with approximately 80 travel consultants with gross annual sales of $50+ million.

Plaza Travel

Plaza Travel, a "Signature Travel Network" agency, is an independently owned and operated full service travel agency headquartered in the Los Angeles area of Encino with locations in Universal City and New York City. Under Plaza Travel's umbrella is Let's Travel in Santa Monica, Via Verde Travel in San Dimas, and an array of on-site and home-based professionals throughout the western United States. Main business segments include corporate travel, entertainment and production travel, on-line booking tools and luxury leisure travel. Plaza Travel has invested in top technologies in the travel industry for many years and today provides a suite of benefits and services to help both agents and clients take advantage of all that is available in the world of travel. The Orens family purchased the agency in January 1985, at which time it had a staff of 6 and 3 computer terminals. Plaza Travel now has a staff of 80 with gross annual sales of $50+ million. Plaza Travel has affiliations with Four Seasons Preferred Partner, The Ritz-Carlton STARS program, Rosewood Elite, Orient-Express Bellini Club and TAMS. Plaza Travel sits on the Advisory Boards of Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Classic Vacations, Rosewood and Destination Hotels & Resorts.