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 July 02, 2014
Grasp Technologies, Inc. Becomes A Preferred Supplier of THOR, Inc.

 THOR, Inc., a leading travel services company, has announced the addition of Grasp Technologies, Inc., a provider of cutting-edge data management, integration, intelligence and consolidation solutions, as a preferred THOR services supplier. THOR suppliers provide THOR's member travel agencies with special benefits and solutions.

When asked about the new partnership, Grasp SVP Rick George, responded, "We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with an innovative and future thinking organization like THOR. Grasp continues strong global growth and having an organization like THOR as a partner is a key part of this strategy."

Through Grasp Technologies' partnership with THOR, THOR's travel agency members can sign up for a variety of travel solutions with substantial discounts on pricing and fees.

"Grasp Technologies allows our travel agency members to gain more efficiency by implementing a variety of travel solutions," says John Kennedy, managing director, THOR. "Grasp offers travel agencies reporting tools, back-office tools and more, saving THOR travel agencies time and money."

THOR, Inc.

THOR, Inc., founded in 1977 in Boulder, Colorado, USA, is an international travel services company that provides sales, marketing, preferred services and products to the world's leading travel providers. THOR offers discounted and commissionable worldwide supplier programs, which its member travel agencies use to book the best suppliers for their travelers.

Grasp Technologies, Inc.

Grasp Technologies helps clients navigate constantly changing business environments by providing the right combination of custom and standardized data management solutions and support. Grasp was founded in 1996 and works extensively in the travel industry and other ancillary industries worldwide. Grasp has offices in San Diego, California and Columbus, Ohio.