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 November 07, 2014
Signature Travel Network Further Enhances Its Intranet Site

 Signature Travel Network has announced new enhancements to its proprietary Intranet site for travel consultants, SigNet, during its annual Sales Meeting. SigNet has been redesigned to make it easier for front-line travel advisors to use the system, and given users the ability to customize the site to suit the individual needs of its consultants.

New features include: menus that can be organized with users' favorite sections at the top of the menu; a dashboard that tracks most frequently used features; bookmark and tagging features; and increased accessibility, by making the system compatible with desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Karen Yeates, Signature's executive vice president of information technology, is overseeing the redesign and programming of the site. She is enthusiastic about the more flexible design of the new site, "The hybrid menu navigation allows members to access the information they need on all different types of devices and set user preferences for maximum efficiency."

Because SigNet is designed for the travel consultant, Signature formed a user group to ensure the redesign delivers what they need before the new enhancements were developed. Mary Nielson, an independent travel consultant at Harmon Travel in Boise, Idaho, and a member of the user group, explained, "The Signature technology team has taken their time to create and design a well-configured concept for its members by putting the users first and listening to their needs and recommendations. Signature has always been on the cutting-edge of technology and this is just one more incredible improvement."

The redesigned site will launch in November following the Annual Sales Meeting. Signature members will have the opportunity to attend workshops to learn about the new enhancements. In addition, the network will offer training webinars in November and December.