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 January 01, 2015
Signature Announces New Itinerary Management 'App' For Its Members

 Signature has selected AXUS Travel App as its partner to jointly develop a new proprietary itinerary management system for its travel consultants. The app will streamline the communication process between consultant and client as the itinerary is created, developed, and finalized.

Karen Yeates, Signature's executive vice president of information technologies, states, "Signature will be working with AXUS to provide a proprietary, licensed version of the app that incorporates Signature's in-depth hotel program content, cruise itinerary and ship profile content, and destination content. A key feature of Signature's licensed version of the app will be the automation of res card data from ClientBase into the application so consultants do not have to take an extra step to move client itinerary information into the application."

The new app will include the following features: provide travelers with immediate access to their confirmed reservations; integrate all elements of an itinerary, including hotel, cruise, air, car, private tours, as well as restaurant reservations; consolidate all information into a single format for the client; make itinerary information available both within the mobile app and/or printable PDF; enable clients to contribute and add to the itinerary; and provide agents with a tool that can send real-time updates to clients through automated notifications.

"The AXUS Travel App team is honored to have been selected as the itinerary management platform for the acclaimed Signature Travel Network," states Julia Douglas, chief operating officer of the AXUS Travel App. "We look forward to integrating all existing Signature tech tools into AXUS to deliver the ultimate travel technology. This customized and enhanced application will successfully move the travel trade into the digital age, making travel professionals more relevant, efficient, productive, and profitable."

Signature will also be working closely with Classic Vacations to offer Signature members a complimentary introductory subscription to AXUS. Classic Vacations will soon have a fully integrated application program interface into AXUS, subsequently making bookings made with Classic Vacations immediately available within the new Signature app.

David Hu, Classic Vacations' president and CEO, states, "Our partnership with Signature and AXUS demonstrates our support of the travel advisor community, and extends our Classic Assist initiative to provide more relevant productivity tools. We believe this partnership will help travel advisors provide a better overall experience to their clients, all while being much more efficient."

Subscriptions details for Signature member agencies will be released the week of January 5, 2015.