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 September 11, 2015
Signature Travel Network Celebrates The Success of Travel Expert Certification Program

 Signature Travel Network celebrated the success of its Travel Expert certification program today. Within the first 90 days of its June 1 launch, 269 travel consultants have graduated.

The Signature Travel Expert certification course is a core training program for consultants to fully leverage the network's unique benefits in order to better serve the consultants' clientele and increase sales. The online training program takes a total of 15 hours to complete and consists of 98 lessons, including videos, handouts and quizzes. Travel consultants must achieve a score of 90 percent or higher to receive certification. Once completed, travel consultants will have gained an in-depth knowledge of all of Signature's marketing and technology tools and preferred supplier partners.

Gina Weyer, vice president of training and member services, states, "The Signature Travel Experts program provides tremendous value to our members. It delivers targeted training on all of Signature programs to help members and travel consultants grow their businesses. It can also be utilized to attract and acquire new talent."

Additional Certification Benefits Include:

- Aids growth and professional development
- Sets the consultants apart and positions them as experts
- Awards certificate of achievement
- Consultants may display the Signature Travel Expert logo on their profile
- Acknowledgement at the Sales Meeting & Trade Show and other events
- Priority consideration is given for Signature Educational Journeys

Don Berger, owner of Cruising Co., says, "The program will no doubt become an integral part of our ongoing training program at Cruising Co., and I sincerely hope that other member agencies will embrace the program. As a result of the program, I am confident that clients will be better served and travel sales revenues will increase. Once again, Signature has shown leadership within the travel industry, and we are proud to be members."

Signature Travel Network

Signature Travel Network is a member-owned travel cooperative headquartered in Marina del Rey, California, with a regional office in New York City. The network was established in 1956, and today includes 197 member agencies with 440 retail locations in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand. Collectively, Signature members generate more than $6 billion in annual travel sales.