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 February 08, 2016
Product of the Year Award - Destination France 2016: The Travel Agents Vote Is Open

 Every year, Atout France gives away a Product of the Year Award to a tour operator during the Destination France road-show. The vote is now open for travel agents, allowing them to choose the most inspiring travel product in France.

The choice has to be made between 13 very interesting products, of which are 9 in French and 4 in English. Which tour-operator will be the winner for English Canadian market? The travel agents will make the decision by voting for the Product of the Year from today until February 17th.

The winner of the Product of the Year Award will be unveiled during Destination France 2016 dining cocktail, Wednesday February 24th, in Toronto. With the Product of the Year Award, Atout France wishes to recognise the talents of tour-operators to design unforgettable tours and stays in France.

Destination France 2016 tradeshow will stop in Quebec February 22th, Montreal February 23th, Toronto February 24th, and Vancouver February 25th.

To vote for the Product of the Year, travel agents are invited to visit: