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Odyssey 360

Odyssey 360 - Content Marketing / News Partnership Guarantee

Partner with Odyssey Media Group via Odyssey 360 to guarantee all of your news / content is posted on one or all four of our global/regional news archive websites. Post the following:

- Your News Releases
- Your Product & Service Announcements
- Your Executive Appointment Notices
- Your White Papers
- Your Company Blogs
- Your Executive Op-Eds
- Your Trade Show Participation Calendar
- Your Conference & Event Participation Calendar
- And more...

No limit on the number of your submissions to Odyssey 360. All posts can be accompanied by live links to your company information - and social media activities including:

- Your Corporate Bio
- Your Website
- Your Twitter
- Your Facebook
- Your Google+
- Your LinkedIn
- Your YouTube
- Your Instagram
- Your Pinterest
- Your other Social Media

All of your submissions will be also redistributed via Odyssey Media Group's Twitter News Feed

Odyssey Media Group covers business travel / meetings, incentives, conventions & events related topics globally via four global/regional news archive websites - each offering multiple editorial departments:

North America News

Europe, Middle East & Africa News

Asia Pacific News

Central & South America News

Collectively Odyssey Media Group's four news archive websites archive 53,000+ news items and collectively attract 6.5 million visitors per year.

Odyssey Media Group's news archive audience is primarily made up of corporate travel managers; meeting & event planners; individual executive business travelers; corporate travel trade professionals; related suppliers; related PR and media professionals.

Approx 75% of Odyssey Media Group's audience is located in North America.

Partner with Odyssey 360 today - for less than $100 USD per week!

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Colin Holden
Publisher & Managing Editor
Odyssey Media Group

Tel: (604) 543-7375